The Divine Drama® Complete Student Package


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The Divine Drama® (TDD) delves into “The Biblical Narrative” (the Bible’s complete story-line) in the first 16 units. The second 14 units, “Our Narrative,” explore the basic teachings that emerge from the Scriptures—e.g., the person and mission of Jesus the Messiah, prayer, discipleship, life in God’s family—and examine how they apply to Christians today. You may purchase either the “Biblical Narrative” or “Our Narrative” separately.

TDD Complete Student Package includes:

  • “The Biblical Narrative” — 16 units (176 pp), plus student workbook* (60 pp)
  • “Our Narrative” — 14 units (174 pp), plus student workbook* (52 pp)
  • Full-color Biblical Tell-Tale Time-Line


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